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1.      Inspect for proper mechanical function & safe operation

2.      Change or clean filters

3.      Check coil condition

4.      Clean condenser and evaporator coils mechanically

5.      Pressure wash condenser and evaporator coils

6.      Straighten bent and damaged coil fins where practical

7.      Clean and lubricate motors

8.      Grease bearings and compressor mounts

9.      Clean compressor and vacuum unit overall

10.  Check for and assure proper evaporator coil drainage

11.  Check for belt condition and tightness

12.  Purge ice makers of calcium deposits

13.  Inspect for inefficient door gaskets

14.  Inspect air handler shrouding

15.  Check temperatures in all cooling and freezing units for proper operating temperatures



Last revised: 4/20/2004 2:20 PM