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Ice Machines

*       How much ice do I need?

*       Regular, Dice, Half Dice, Chunk, Flake?

*       Should I buy or lease?

*       Air cooled water cooled or remote?

*       How often should I clean my machine?

*       Why do we feature Manitowoc?

*       What about my cruddy water?

*       What do I need to know about installation?

How much ice do I need?


5 lbs. per seat or 1.7 lbs. per customer

Banquet Service

2 lbs. per person

Cocktail Lounge

3 lbs. per person

Salad Bar

90 lbs. per cubic foot (allows for 2 refills)

Fast Food

7.4 lbs. per seat or 0.9 lbs per customer

Convenience Store

6 oz. per 12 oz. drink 10 oz. per 20 oz. drink

Packaged Ice

Lbs./bag x bags/day

Health Care

10 lbs. per patient plus 2 lbs. per employee


5 lbs. per room (no ice chests)

Regular, Dice, Half Dice, Chunk, Flake?

There are different shapes of ice for different uses, we have them all! The most popular size for bars and restaurants is the “half dice” cube – the one on the right in this illustration. Versatile half dice cubes make a beverage look fuller with less product and can often substitute for flaked or crushed ice. Regular (left) is 1 1/8” x 1 1/8” x 7/8”. Dice (middle) is 7/8” x 7/8” x 7/8” and half dice (right) is 3/8” x 7/8” x 7/8”.

Should I buy or lease?

If your business in located in the greater Buffalo/Niagara area, you should strongly consider leasing your ice machine from Chem-Mark/Reite-Way. We have a variety of solutions to you ice machine needs. As an ongoing lease customer, we handle all the service and maintenance on your machine

Air cooled water cooled or remote?

Air cooled machines use less water in the ice making process and are therefore less expensive to operate. Normally, these machines need to be located somewhere other than in a hot kitchen…and they need good ventilation to operate efficiently.


Water cooled machines are great for use in warm rooms, like commercial kitchens. You still want to locate your machine as far away from stoves and ovens as possible, but if available space is limited and you need it to be in the kitchen, a water cooled ice maker is often the best solution. Since these models use water to make the ice AND to cool the condenser.


In very hot kitchens where the demand for ice is high, often a remote condenser model is needed. It takes the job of cooling the compressor right out of the kitchen and puts it in another area, usually on the rooftop, making it easier for your air conditioning unit to do its job as well.

How often should I clean my machine?

As often as it needs cleaning! Seriously though, a good rule of thumb is that four times a year is usually about right; But depending upon the environment, it may need more frequent cleaning or twice a year might be enough. We sell Manitowoc and other fine cleaning products that we designed to keep your machine in top working order.

Why do we feature Manitowoc ice machines?

Manitowoc is America’s #1 selling brand…and for good reason. As an ice machine specialist, we believe they are quite simply the hardest-working, easiest to service, most reliable, most cost effective, and easiest to clean machines we have ever worked with. Chem-Mark/Reite-Way has hundreds of ice machines out on lease and in service every day in the Greater Buffalo/Niagara area...99% of them are Manitowocs. Manitowoc Ice offers the ideal equipment to satisfy any restaurant ice making need. With output ranging from 65 to well over 2000 pounds of ice per day, we have a dependable product available for any requirement. 


3 Reasons to Choose Manitowoc: 

1. There is no need to hide a Manitowoc ice machine. The award winning Q-Series design complements any front room application.


2. Your customer is looking for peace and quiet when he or she dines out. We can help you remove nearly 75% of the noise and heat at the point of ice making. Check out Manitowoc's QuietQube® technology. The quietest ice machine in the world.


3. Reduce labor costs and promote food safety with a Manitowoc ice machine. We've reduced the cleaning or sanitizing effort on our ice machine to flipping a switch. All Manitowoc ice machines have our patented technology that cleans or sanitizes the water-distribution system in just 24 minutes…..built-in…at no extra charge.

What about my cruddy water?

We recommend a good inline filtering system that’s been designed to work properly with your kind of water and your brand of machine, we sell the Manitowoc and Cuno brands and both are extremely reliable and effective in preventing lime scale buildup, reducing chlorine taste and odor and removing sediment from your ice machine and your ice. A good filtering system can greatly extend the life of your machine while improving the taste and quality of the ice…something your customers are sure to appreciate. For more information on filtering systems click here.

What do I need to know about installation?


Be sure components will fit through doorways, down halls, and into the installation space. Once installed, most ice machines must have at least 5” to 8” of clearance above, behind, and on both sides. To double daily ice production without using additional floor space, contact your ice machine specialist for information about “stack-on” capability.



Locate the ice machine in an area where the ambient air temperature stays between 35°F and 110°F.



Electrical and plumbing connections must be within 6’ of the ice machine. Connections must meet local, state and national codes.


Plumbing Requirements

Ice machine must be connected to cold water supply.

Water temperature: minimum 33°F, maximum 90°F.

Ice making water pressure: minimum 20 psi, maximum 80 psi.

Condenser water pressure (water cooled models): minimum 20 psi, maximum 150 psi. Use separate drain lines for ice machine and storage bin Ice machine drain




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