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We sell, lease and service new and used ice makers by Manitowoc and many other brands. We are a factory authorized service company and the largest dealer for Manitowoc in Western New York. Available now and new for 2004, the all-new Manitowoc S-Series ice makers



Why do we feature Manitowoc ice machines?

Manitowoc is America’s #1 selling brand…and for good reason. As an ice machine specialist, we believe they are quite simply the hardest-working, easiest to service, most reliable, most cost effective, and easiest to clean machines we work with. Chem-Mark/Reite-Way has hundreds of ice machines out on lease and in service every day in the Greater Buffalo/Niagara area...95% of them are Manitowocs. Manitowoc Ice offers the ideal equipment to satisfy any restaurant ice making need. With output ranging from 65 to well thousands of pounds of ice per day, we have a dependable product available for any requirement. 


Three reasons to choose Manitowoc

1. There is no need to hide a Manitowoc ice machine.

The award winning Q-Series design complements any front room application.


2. Your customers are looking for peace and quiet when they dine out. We can help you remove nearly 75% of the noise and heat at the point of ice making. Check out Manitowoc's QuietQube® technology. The quietest ice machine in the world.


3. Reduce labor costs and promote food safety with a Manitowoc ice machine. We've reduced the cleaning or sanitizing effort on our ice machine to flipping a switch. All Manitowoc ice machines have patented technology that cleans or sanitizes the water-distribution system in just 24 minutes…..built-in…at no extra charge.

Service is the key…

Chem-Mark of Buffalo is well known as the area’s oldest and largest sales and leasing company for ice making equipment. As a specialist in working with Manitowoc Ice Makers, Chem-Mark is the leader in innovative programs that bring ease and simplicity to the ice needs of restaurant owners throughout the area.


With the acquisition of Chem-Mark in July of 2003, Chem-Mark and Reite-Way have joined forces to provide even better service for all our customers. As a single company, Chem-Mark/Reite-Way is one of the best equipped and staffed in all of Western New York for all the needs of our customers in the restaurant and food service business.

Buy or Lease?

Many people wonder why we promote the leasing ice-makers rather than the usual concept of “you bought it, it’s yours, enjoy it.”


The reason is simple: We are a service-oriented company. We understand that our customers are usually too busy running their restaurants to worry about maintaining and repairing equipment…That’s where we come in.


Leasing an ice maker from Chem-Mark/Reite-Way means you can count on having all the ice you need every day without worrying about cleaning, de-scaling or performing other preventative maintenance procedures…We take care of all that for you. If your machine is out of commission, we’ll provide ice options for you until you’re back in operation…All this costs you normally between $2 and $4 a day. Try getting that kind of service from some catalog outfit!


How can we do this and still make a profit? When we own the machine, we buy it at our dealer cost, and the parts, and pay for the service at our cost as well. We make this system work for you and give you one less thing to worry about in today’s competitive business climate.


OK, I hear you, but I still want to own my machine…

Sure, we can sell you an ice maker or other fine piece of professional kitchen equipment at a very competitive price. We can also install, maintain and repair that equipment as needed. We also provide the option of a “Lease-To-Own” arrangement through American Express Business Finance Corporation, a respected leader in professional food service leasing. Click here for an online look at all the current models and specifications.


Last revised: 4/20/2004 4:13 PM