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The Rhino Wet Waste Interceptor

The Rhino Wet Waste Interceptor reduces the amount of wet waste solids and grease typically contained in the large amounts of water used in food preparation and pre-rinse sinks.



*       Reduces wet waste solids and grease from drains

*       Reduces maintenance of drainage systems

*       Reduces number of grease trap cleanings

*       Reduction of odors

*       Minimizes use of costly enzymes

*       Reduction of airborne bacteria

*       Reduces operating costs

*       Meets wastewater discharge compliance standards

*       At source recovery


Reite-Way is the Western New York distributor for Rhino Ecosystems. Liquid containing wet waste from sink is directed to the Rhino unit where it flows through a specially designed membrane. The elasticity of the membrane material creates passages for liquid to escape while retaining the wet solids. The filtration bag is changed in seconds without fuss or mess facilitated by an easy clip system. The bag can be put out with regular waste. This simple device has been helping thousands of restaurants and food service businesses eliminate one of the major problems encountered by commercial kitchens.


If you’re tired of regular plumbing expenses to fix your clogged drains – chemicals, repairs, flooding, backups, leaks – then you need a Rhino! The Rhino Wet Waste Interceptor pays for itself quickly by eliminating your plumbing expenses in less than 1 year.


If you have a grease trap you need a Rhino! Using the Rhino Wet Waste Interceptor in conjunction with a grease trap will generate substantial savings each year of operation.

Cooler Fresh™

Our Cooler Fresh panels absorb excess humidity from your coolers and freezers during the day, when the heaviest load is placed on the equipment. During the night or the off hours of the day, the moisture absorbed by the Cooler Fresh panels is slowly released, and eliminated by the normal refrigeration process when the work load is at a minimum. This simple but highly effective method saves time, money and prolongs the useable shelf life of your food. Call Reite-Way Refrigeration today and get a free estimate on using the Cooler Fresh™ system in your kitchen.



*       Improves Food Quality

*       Eliminates odors & transfer of odors

*       Extends shelf-life 100%

*       Retards growth of bacteria & mold

*       Lowers temperatures

*       Saves electricity

*       Saves maintenance


Last revised: 4/20/2004 2:20 PM