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Preventative maintenance doesn’t cost you money, it PAYS!

At Reite-Way, we’ve built a solid reputation for service, specializing in restaurant and food service clientele. Over the years, we’ve become the recognized experts in keeping kitchens across the Buffalo/Niagara area running efficiently. Our specialty is preventative maintenance, and we developed our business with a high emphasis on PM, designed to avoid costly failures.


We pioneered our 15 Point Preventative Maintenance Program right here in Western New York and we’re still the only company that offers this complete program. Our technicians are specially trained and experienced to perform this unique service we’ve developed over years in our field. Call Reite-Way for a FREE PM estimate and start receiving all the benefits today. No one can do it better for less!

Preventative Maintenance Means

Neglected Equipment Means

*       Extended Equipment Life

*       Frequent Breakdowns

*       Reduced Equipment Breakdowns

*       Costly Repair Bills

*       Longer Equipment Life

*       High Cost of Replacement Equipment

*       Reduced Electricity Consumption

*       Excessive Electric Bills

*       Fresher Food

*       Food Spoilage Losses

*       Maximum Efficiency From

*       Business Interruption Losses

*       Cleaner Operations &

*       Health Code Violations

*       Healthier Working Environment


You’ll save on Food, Electricity,
New Equipment and Repairs…

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