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Reite-Way…We’re all about SERVICE!

Tool BeltAt Reite-Way, we’ve built a solid reputation for service, specializing in restaurant and food service clientele. Over the years, we’ve become recognized experts in keeping kitchens across the Buffalo/Niagara area running…and running efficiently. Our specialty is Preventative Maintenance, and we’ve developed our business with a high emphasis on P.M., designed to avoid costly failures.

When equipment does break down, we have some of the best qualified service technicians in the area, experienced in repairing all major brands of food service refrigeration and HVAC equipment. At Reite-Way, our dedication to and understanding of your needs is the critical difference that puts us ahead of the pack.


Call us today and see why so many food service professionals are doing things “The Reite Way!”


Manitowoc Cube Sizes
Regular, Dice & Half DiceBuy or Lease?

Many people wonder why we promote the idea of leasing ice-making equipment over the normal concept of “you buy it, it’s yours, enjoy it.” The reason is simple. We are a service-oriented company. We understand that our customers are too busy running their businesses and doing what they do best to worry about maintaining and repairing equipment…That’s where we come in.


Sophisticated refrigeration equipment like ice-makers work best when they are maintained regularly. That means cleaning critical areas including bins and drains, de-scaling, adjusting ice thickness and testing for efficient operation. Most people simply don’t have the time or trained help to perform these maintenance functions regularly or properly. This can often result in inefficient operation, excessive electric and water bills, and more frequent breakdowns.


By owning the machines ourselves, we have a vested interest in keeping them running efficiently, keeping our costs – and yours to a minimum. If you have to pay for service, you buy parts and labor at “retail.” We pay wholesale, and as believers in Preventative Maintenance, we practice what we preach. We believe that when you factor in all your operating costs and all the benefits, it makes business sense to lease your ice making equipment from Chem-Mark/Reite-Way.


OK, I hear you, but I still want to own my machine…

Fine, we can sell you an ice maker or other fine piece of professional kitchen equipment at a very competitive price. We can also install, maintain and repair your equipment as needed. We can also provide a “Lease-To-Own” option through American Express Business Finance Corporation, a respected leader in professional food service leasing.




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